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We aren't gurús, we are a f*cking team

We’re Sinapsis is an agency born in 2013 with one goal: to understand and take advantage of a new business development model that lead them to success. This model is based on the elasticity, sustainability, synergy and especially coherence.

We define ourselves as a agency focused on Internet Business Development. And, to achieve this goal, we have built a team capable of understanding projects globally. especially to be "strategic partner", an ally capable of integrating its own team with that of its clients, thus adding knowledge, skills and talent. This is our formula to find optimal solutions, easy and designed tailored to each case.

The affirmation "We are not gurus, we are a team” does not want to be simply a «claim». It is an affirmation that defines our character. A declaration of intentions against the trend and probably transgressive, to break with a methodology and project conception that no longer adjusts to current market needs.

We are committed to innovation based on the effectiveness, simply because it is the most necessary resource in our times.

Here we are!!

Our wonderful team

carlos hidalgo synapse carlos hidalgo synapse
Back End Developer

Carlos Hidalgo

Junior Back End Developer

Iván Adame

Marketing Consultant

Erik Sánchez

synapse david de los mozos
Front-End Developer

David De Los Mozos

synapse maria sanchez
Content Marketing

Maria Sánchez

Andres Grande - Synapse Team
Back End Developer

Andres Grande

synapse joel felip synapse joel felip
Front-End Developer

Joel Felip

Synapse Sergi Alegre
Graphic Designer

Sergi Alegre

Synapse Mariona Riera
Marketing Consultant

Mariona Riera

synapse martin madrilejos synapse martin madrilejos
Front-End Developer

Martín Madridejos

nicola picasso synapse
CEO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

guillem castellon synapse guillem castellon synapse
Media Designer

Guillem Castellón

Marketing Consultant

Marina Rodríguez

Marketing Consultant

Marc Pascual

alex burdoy synapse Alex Burdoy
Front-End Developer

Àlex Burdoy

martin jaider synapse
Marketing Consultant

Martín Jaider

ayiber garcia synapse

Ayiber García

toni garrido synapse toni garrido synapse
CIO & CoFounder

Toni Garrido

synapse leticia lopez synapse leticia lopez
Marketing Consultant

Leticia López

jaume monfort synapse

Jaume Monfort

raul sanchez synapse raul sanchez synapse
Back End Developer

Raúl Sánchez

Back End Developer

Carlos Vioque

synapse sergi font synapse sergi font
UI / UX Designer

Sergi Font

synapse michelle padilla synapse michelle padilla
Front-End Developer

Michelle Padilla

synapse eduard castellon synapse eduard castellon
Account Manager

Eduard Castellón

Back End Developer

Pol Vilageliu


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