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We’re Sinapsis is the result of a set of connections by which we get the Knowledge, Talent and Experience that can only be obtained from a Well defined and aligned team.

A synergy that only occurs between the members of a team of professionals prepared, motivated and that they enjoy the work from day to day.

Media Designer

Guillem Castellón

Front-End Developer

Àlex Burdoy

CIO & CoFounder

Toni Garrido

Marketing Consultant

Martín Jaider

Graphic Designer

Sergi Alegre

Back End Developer

Raúl Sánchez

Back End Developer

Carlos Hidalgo

Content Marketing

Maria Sánchez

Back End Developer

Carlos Vioque

CEO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso


Jaume Monfort

Marketing Consultant

Marc Pascual

Marketing Consultant

Marina Rodríguez

Junior Back End Developer

Iván Adame

Account Manager

Eduard Castellón

Marketing Consultant

Leticia López

Back End Developer

Pol Vilageliu

Marketing Consultant

Mariona Riera

UI / UX Designer

Sergi Font

Front-End Developer

David De Los Mozos


Ayiber García

Front-End Developer

Michelle Padilla

Front-End Developer

Joel Felip

Where we are? Or rather Where are we not? Because we are even under the stones

From Asia to Spain and I shoot because it's my turn


C/ Salvatierra 4, 3ºD, 28034


C/Tamarit 99, local 1, 08015


8F., No. 338, Nanshi St., Linkou Dist. New Taipei City 244