Video marketing is one of the most used tools in the world of communication and sales. A recent study by the company Hubspot, which markets marketing, sales and customer service tools, shows that 81% of companies are using videos to carry out their campaigns. The perfect medium to reach the modern user.

What can Somos Sinapsis agency do for you in this field? We can generate every kind of video content that your business needs:

  • Whether they are corporate videos, to publicize your business;
  • Animated videos, to explain a more specific service;
  • Or promotional videos that will help your products go further.

At Sinapsis Agency we renew the image of your online business with professional audiovisual content.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Increases engagement
  • High tendency to share videos
  • It is easy to consume
  • Shows the product in operation
  • Helps with message retention
  • Easy to consume
  • It positively influences the decision making process of the potential customer

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