At Somos Sinapsis we carry out all kinds of custom web projects, according to the needs of each business. For a company, whatever its sector, having a web page that meets its objectives is vitally important. Today the web is not just a business card on the Internet, it is a Marketing and business expansion tool.

It is very important that your page meets your objectives from the first moment.

Whatever the function of your website (corporate page, online store, digital catalog, promotional website, informative site, etc …) we will make sure that it becomes a reality in the simplest possible way: it is not necessary that you are knowledgeable in the matter.

For all those projects that require it, that is, when the other open source tools cannot solve at least 70% of the project’s needs “at the base”, we make use of our own CMS: Conectoma. In all these cases, we believe it is more convenient to work on a tool like this, custom developing everything that is necessary.

Conectoma is a base CMS capable of adapting to the needs of almost any project since its structure and conception allow us to tailor any characteristic that is required. Its PHP technology based on the Laravel framework, makes it a solid and secure system, but at the same time elastic and agile and whose backoffice is enormously usable and fully adapted to the user who is going to operate with it.

Why Conectoma? The Human Connectome is the map of all the connections between neurons in a brain and is what makes each one of us a unique individual. Our CMS is the result of connecting all the knowledge of our team, where we imagine each member as a neuron. So teamwork is a synapse and, as you have already understood, the set of all these synapses becomes our CONECTOMA.

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Our Team

Toni Garrido

CIO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

CEO & CoFounder

Rayner Luís


David De Los Mozos

Front-End Developer

Anna Colomar

Front-End Developer

Araceli Garrido

Junior Front-End Developer

Carlos Hidalgo

Back-End Developer

Raúl Sánchez

Back-End Developer

Olga García

Back-End Developer

Andres Grande

Back-End Developer

Carlos Vioque

Junior Back-End Developer

Kleyton Do Amparo

Junior Back-End Developer

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