A ecommerce project needs a maintenance service, because nowadays technology evolves extremely quickly and offers new business opportunities. The enterprise has to take advantage of them and they have keep updated with the last trends and current best practices. The major issue is that an enterprise are not able to establish an accurate cost forecast that allows to design a concrete, secure and successful business strategy.

For that reason, in Somos Sinapsis have created a maintenance system that will help to “turn around” this situation. It’s a system based on AGILE methodology, through which you can enjoy a “ALL INCLUDED” flat rate. This will ensure a continuous update of your tools and the possibility to make an accurate cost forecast without surprises for your enterprise.

Limitations on maintenance projects and new developments will be defined by the planning itself. Whenever SINAPSIS is asked to execute a new task that relates to the development or maintenance of web platforms, SINAPSIS will carry out a specific planning for that project.

This will be a simple planning, that will be will be established with these bullet points:

  • Level of the task
  • Task complexity level (1 to 3 being 3 being the highest complexity)
  • Start date for the project
  • Project completion date (1 to 3 being the highest complexity)
  • Start date for the project
  • Project completion date

The sum of the complexity of overlapping projects (i.e. developing at the same time) can only be 3 in total. So the following combinations can be executed simultaneously:

  • 3 difficulty projects 1
  • 1 difficulty project 3
  • 1 difficulty 2 and another difficulty 1

Each request will review the task queue and priority to organize, jointly with our client, and according to the needs of the project, the following tasks to be performed. The door is left open to, if at any given time you need an important task that cannot be carried out with this system to be able to open your own project for it.

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