The projects on the internet are alive and that is why they need a continuous maintenance and evolutionary service. As technology is constantly evolving and giving us new business opportunities, it is necessary to keep constantly updated to get the most out of it. The big problem is not being able to make an accurate cost forecast that allows us to design a concrete and safe business strategy.

With this idea in mind, at Somos Sinapsis we have designed a maintenance system with which we have managed to “turn around” this situation. A system based on AGILE methodology, through which you can enjoy a flat rate of “ALL INCLUSIVE”. This will guarantee a continuous update of your tools and the possibility of making an accurate cost forecast without surprises or shocks.

It will be the planning itself that limits the maintenance projects and new developments. Every time that the client asks SINAPSIS to execute a new task that is related to the development or maintenance of any of its online applications, SINAPSIS will carry out a simple and specific planning for said project through which it will be established:

  • Task priority level
  • Task complexity level (from 1 to 3 with 3 being the highest complexity)
  • Start date for the project
  • Project end date

The sum of the complexity of overlapping projects (that is, those developed in parallel) can only be 3 in total. So the following combinations can be run simultaneously:

  • 3 projects of difficulty 1
  • 1 project of difficulty 3
  • 1 of difficulty 2 and another of difficulty 1

In each request, the task queue and priority will be reviewed to organize, together with the client, and according to the needs of the project, the following tasks to be carried out. The door is left open to, if at any given moment, an important task that cannot be carried out with this system is needed, to be able to open a project of its own.

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CIO & CoFounder

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CEO & CoFounder

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Junior Front-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

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Junior Back-End Developer

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