There may be a situation in which the eCommerce you have developed does not work well and the reasons why it has stopped working or how to solve this problem are not known. It is in those cases, where the best decision is to go to an expert.

The starting point of any project is a technical audit. For this we will dedicate 50 hours to the project, with different profiles and specialists involved in it, with the aim of obtaining the answer to at least the majority of these questions.

After said audit we will be clear about the problem and what steps will be necessary to carry out to solve it.

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Our Team

Toni Garrido

CIO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

CEO & CoFounder

Rayner Luís


David De Los Mozos

Front-End Developer

Anna Colomar

Front-End Developer

Araceli Garrido

Junior Front-End Developer

Carlos Hidalgo

Back-End Developer

Raúl Sánchez

Back-End Developer

Olga García

Back-End Developer

Andres Grande

Back-End Developer

Carlos Vioque

Junior Back-End Developer

Kleyton Do Amparo

Junior Back-End Developer