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What is more important, a good answer or ask the right question? In fact, the key is to have a little bit of each: the acumen of asking (or asking yourself) the right questions and, at the same time, the knowledge and tools to be able to get the right answers. Together, it perfectly defines the term “web analytics” or “digital analytics”.

Are you making the most of your web visits? Do you know what the real return on investment you are making in your campaigns? Are your strategy and goals right? …

We will help you, not only to ask the right questions and find their answers, we will help you implement everything you need to enhance the results of your project.

For us, web analytics is not just another discipline or service to offer our clients: it is the common denominator of all our projects. Because analyzing is the key to achieving good results.

For us, digital analytics isn’t just about making and reporting rich with data that is difficult to read and interpret. We study the project and produce internal to understand what is “happening” in the enterprise. Trough that tool we write for the client “the history of their project”, in an easy and understandable way.

We understand as the user experience, the optimal balance between design, usability and navigability, without giving up any of them. The process ranges from web design to information architecture through aspects such as page load time.

Web Analytics
The time when the success of a project depended only on obtaining a large volume of visits is over: now that is no longer enough. The range of possibilities that users have at their disposal is so wide and varied that measuring exactly what is happening on our site is of vital interest.

General review with which we can define what the initial scenario is and what specific needs exist, defining the objectives of this first initial configuration project.

Strategic Management and Consulting
The web has changed its concept, it is no longer the equivalent of a stand at a fair where showing up to do business. It is a sophisticated and complex marketing and communication tool with enormous potential

The Conversion Rate Optimization is defined as the process of continuous repetition in which you seek to improve the conversion rates and processes of a website or eCommerce. The process is repeated in several phases that are repeated within the same cycle.

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