The first step in eCommerce analytics is the initial study and configuration of the project. We make sure that everything is properly configured so that all data is available to us and is properly captured and recorded.

For this, we carry out a general analysis after which we will have defined what the initial scenario is and what specific needs exist, thus defining the objectives of this first initial configuration project.

Once the scope of the project has been defined, which will be different in each case, we initiate the process. In this process:

  • We install and configure Google Tag Manager.
  • Including the Data Layer necessary for the tool to be 100% functional, collecting all the data on the use of your site in one place, and then using it as necessary.
  • We install all the necessary tags, including all the tracking “pixels”.
  • We install third-party tools, to record user behavior using heat maps, video recordings of sessions, and similar actions.
  • We set up Google Analytics
    • General configuration
    • View settings that capture user IDs
    • Conversion settings
    • eCommerce settings
    • Custom Segment Settings
  • And finally, we proceed to test and launch.

In addition, in Somos Sinapsis, to ensure perfect control over the main metrics and KPIs of the project, we develop an analytical panel for eCommerce, connected to the different data sources (most updated in real time), and composed of several custom-designed dashboards for each case.

These control panels, developed using various tools, both their own and those of third parties (such as Google’s Datastudio), are kept up to date, not only at the data level, also in terms of structure. Updating whenever necessary, in order to provide more depth to the analytics project.

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