On many occasions companies and professionals, aware of the potential that the Internet has for their businesses, rush into the media in a hasty and somewhat chaotic way. There are few who doubt between” being or not being “on the Internet, however this circumstance It has been leading us to another “photography”: companies and professionals who bet on the medium but not on the right way.

Many are the companies that, arming themselves with courage and patience, have launched their business online, creating their channels, developing their own web supports, … And by having everything ready to start operating, to ignite their online marketing campaigns, they have been stunned looking at their monitors wondering what should our next move be? Why am I not getting the results I wanted?

The problem is usually something “as simple” as not having asked what do I really want to achieve? Who is my user? How it behaves? What can I offer them? The web has changed its concept, it is no longer the equivalent of a stand at a fair, where showing up is enough to do business. It is a sophisticated and complex marketing and communication tool with enormous potential (as long as it is exploited appropriately). However, despite this, the word TOOL must be emphasized, because that is what it is, a tool, nothing more …

“The Treasure Map: Online Business Consulting”

  • Study the business in question and how it can develop on the Internet
  • Study the target market
    • How is the competition operating?
    • Market trends, national and international
  • Study our consumer and his behavior in the network
  • Study of user communities related to our business
  • Search for goals, both final and secondary
  • Etc…

In other words, study the environment in relation to the target business, detecting opportunities and thus defining realistic and above all measurable, traceable, controllable objectives: through this we can define both the strategy to be followed, the necessary equipment and the proposed tactical execution, necessary tools. and the details of them. It will be determined if the business needs a web page, what kind of site it should be and what requirements it must meet in order to achieve the proposed objectives. A communication plan will be defined and the possibility of having (or not) a more or less active presence in social environments or even if it is more or less recommended to launch advertising campaigns and in what environments or under what conditions.

So: we understand “Online business consulting” as the study and analysis process that is carried out to determine everything necessary to launch an internet business in an optimal way.

The knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary team at your service. Make us your strategic ally. Now it’s easy.

We take care of carrying out for you the tactical planning of your campaigns and training your staff to be able to manage it.

Make us part of your team and leave everything in our hands; the most effective way to see your project grow on the Internet.

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