With Web Analytics we will be able to obtain data on user preferences, trends, performance of a site, an online community, recognition of a brand on the Internet, trends in a particular market, the unresolved needs of users, etc.… In this way, we reach conclusions that allow us to improve the performance of the online business in question.

At Somos Sinapsis we offer a tailor-made web analytics service, based on the knowledge of our specialized consultants and the use of tools capable of extracting and ordering data for subsequent consultation and analysis. The joint work of our marketing, analytic and developer team allows us to offer a complete solution capable to cover the entire journey of a user through our client’s Online universe.

The time when the success of a project depended only on obtaining a large volume of visits is over: now that is not enough. The increasing competition in the digital environment gives users a range of possibilities that measuring exactly what is happening on our site is of vital importance. It is not only important how many users visit our website, we need to collect and analyze other type of data:

  • How long they remain in our site.
  • How many times return.
  • What sections, content, products or services you visit.
  • What calls to action they answer and which they ignore on a case-by-case basis.
  • What is the source of the most qualified traffic
  • What a user does before they convert (that is, meeting one of the goals we have set ourselves).
  • Are they men or women? Ages? Is there a difference between their behavior?
  • Do they find what they are looking for? Is my site well structured?
  • Etc…

These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves to make our online business successful and which we have to answer. This is called web analytics.

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