Graphic communication is one of the common elements of any campaign and it affects significantly your results. Whether it is an advertising campaign on the Internet, social networks or the design of a portal, corporate website or eCommerce, graphic design is one of the main actors and the first to appear on the scene.

At Somos Sinapsis we take care of everything that involves the image of your campaigns, otherwise, it would be impossible for us to truly offer a comprehensive service. In this way we are able to control the entire process, from the conceptualization of a campaign or strategy, its development and subsequent analysis.

However, we tend to limit our design and graphic communication services to the digital environment, leaving traditional graphic designers to do their job to translate on paper. For this type of case we have a number of external partners with which we have a very close relationship.

Our designers are experts in front office web development, so they are able to develop web optimized designs and facilitate their further development and guarantee an optimal user experience.

We take care of the whole creative part for display campaigns: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads… We take care of the design for all the formats and supports your campaigns need.

We design the necessary elements for your Inbound Marketing campaigns based on infographic elements capable of explaining complex concepts and processes in simple images.

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Our Team

Toni Garrido

CIO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

CEO & CoFounder

Ariadna Puig

Graphic Designer

Alba Mayoral

Graphic Designer

Guillem Castellón

Multimedia Designer

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