Once we have managed to get a user to become a customer or a registered user (either option is valid), the possibility of establishing a direct communication link is born. So, we know also knowing what their tastes are, preferences and navigation trends.
The “loyalty and repetition process” is initiated. We launch a serie of actions that enhance the probability that the user will continue interested in our products and services and that, in the medium term, he will re-enter a conversion. A conversion can be a purchase in our eCommerce or any other action that has been defined as a conversion for a platform, such as filling out a survey, downloading a document or stay for a specific time browsing our website.

At Somos Sinapsis we take care of everything that involves the loyalty/repetition process, a process that in a long term can be a very important part of the total conversions of a platform/project.

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Our Team

Toni Garrido

CIO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

CEO & CoFounder

Jaume Monfort


Anna Montserrat

Marketing Consultant

Andrea Lorenzo

Marketing Consultant

Mariona Riera

Marketing Consultant

Iñaki Berasategui

Content Marketing

Francesc Barrio

Content Marketing

María Sánchez

Content Marketing

Jannik Gabert

Content Marketing

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