Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing digital marketing strategies today. It is a form of online marketing based on obtaining results. Unlike SEM in which the advertiser pays for impressions or clicks, in affiliate marketing, the advertiser only pays for the results obtained (sales, leads, etc.).

Its operation is very simple. Each affiliate (also called a publisher) is responsible for advertising the advertisers’ products or services on its website by publishing their advertisements or promotions. The affiliates, in return, obtain a commission when the user enters the advertiser’s site and performs a previously determined action (click on a link, fill out a form, make a purchase, etc.).

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Through an affiliate marketing platform such as the one offered by Sinapsis, advertisers make different options of promotional material available to publishers (different types of links, banners). Affiliates can use this promotional material on their websites. If a user clicks on any of these links or banners and complies with the action previously determined with the brand (click on a link, fill in a form, make a purchase, etc.), the affiliate will get a commission.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

For affiliates

The main advantage for a Publisher is that you can earn income from your blog without having to invest in any product or invent any service. Also, you will not have to worry about having to support customers. That responsibility falls on the advertising company.

In short, it is a scalable business model with many possibilities to grow in the future. And what’s more, payments are always guaranteed.

For advertisers

The main advantage for an ecommerce that is looking for affiliates is that you will make your site profitable with a minimum investment thanks to external personnel. You will only pay the commission that you have decided based on the sales they bring you and it will also help you branding.

On the other hand, in addition, affiliate marketing is also a perfect formula to reach the target audience by specifically selecting the affiliates who will promote your brand. Becoming a greater return.

In fact, implementing an affiliate marketing program is complementary to other marketing campaigns (SEM, SEO, email marketing …) since it will allow your company to reach new potential customers.

Sinapsis affiliate platform

The main objective of Sinapsis is to get both advertisers and affiliates to obtain their best results online and, therefore, the greatest benefits. Thanks to a service-oriented approach and some of the best software on the market.


We will put you in contact with our affiliates to boost your sales. At Sinapsis we are experts in digital marketing and by choosing our platform you choose much more than an affiliate partner.

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With the Sinapsis affiliate platform you will get the most out of the content you produce and all the traffic that you are able to attract to your website. Make your effort profitable!

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