At Somos Sinapsis we offer a complete service, focused on objectives, through which you will see all the needs of your brand and those of its community covered. We will support your project during all the phases of a social media communication plan. From strategic conceptualization, its execution and subsequent analysis, including user support, brand monitoring and crisis cabinet.

We take care of monitoring your brand and competition, to be aware of what is said in the media, speaks, comments and rumors about the enterprise on the network, being able to react in time and effectively to any situation, whether a opportunity or a reputational crisis.

We study your sector and its trends to discern the best way to act and to know what the competition offers to the market.

We establish objectives and a series of secondary KPIs (micro-goals) to perform a monthly analysis where we study the performance of the actions performed. We analyse direct relationship with the communities on which it has worked, and in relation to our web environment.

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Our Team

Toni Garrido

CIO & CoFounder

Nicola Picasso

CEO & CoFounder

Jaume Monfort


Anna Montserrat

Marketing Consultant

Andrea Lorenzo

Marketing Consultant

Mariona Riera

Marketing Consultant

Soñadora y risueña, fan de las flores, la moda y sus últimas tendencias aunque no las siga… Creativa con toques dulces y estilo naif.

Iñaki Berasategui

Content Marketing

Francesc Barrio

Content Marketing

María Sánchez

Content Marketing

Jannik Gabert

Content Marketing

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