Nowadays, in the online world of the marketing, the concept of reputation and the importance of the brand are gaining more weight. There is no doubt about the significance of branding in any marketing campaign.

That’s why, at Somos Sinapsis, in addition to our usual digital marketing techniques and strategies, we have developed a specific catalog of products that increases the visibility of your brand.


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ProximOnline is a online platform that helps small businesses adapt to the new digital environment, new purchasing trends and new information technologies so that they can get to know their customer better, improve their shopping experience, increase clientele and be more efficient.

At the same time, ProximOnline users (retail customers) will always be able to stay on top of the different offers and establishments. Whether they are shops in the area where they reside or the area where they work or all the areas they want, there is no limit.

Sales Manago

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Marketing Automation allows you to maximize incoming traffic. By using a simple JavaScript code installed on the website or ecommerce we can start tracking and monitoring user behavior. The automation tool will store all the data, leaving them at our disposal for further study and use, being able to decide what to do in each case: what messages to send, when to send them, and what objective to set for each campaign.

At Somos Sinapsis we take care of the strategic planning of your campaigns, the generation and management of the contents of the shipments, their design, labelling and layout and the management of the databases and the Analysis and reporting: we take care of Everything.

Totems 360º

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Our Omnichannel point of sale device.

The differentiation between ON and OFFline does not longer exist. The barrier between the analog and digital worlds is now invisible to the user. In fact, for this new user, who lives “hyperconnected”, these barriers are negative, outdated, cumbersome… Knowing this problem, at Somos Sinapsis, we have been looking for a viable, comfortable and fast solution. Something that the user can easily see and perceives as an element of union or nexus between this two worlds.And so our Omnichannel device was born.