Internet is the biggest PULL publicity platform, meaning, that the advertisements only appear when the customers ask for it. One type of advertisment that only appears as an answer to a need o request made by the client. The main difference with PUSH publicity is, that this one overflows the user with messages and claims and the other one only appears as an answer to a petition that, at the same time, makes reference to an specific need and, more often than not, an intencionality to fulfill some of the buyers objective (like selling a product for example).

The best partner for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are pay per click campaigns. With a good strategic planning both SEO and SEM complement each other and develop a synergy that improves results significantly.

From Somos Sinapsis we offer a web positioning service that has three main foundations:

  • Website optimization to guarantee that the site fulfills with its objective, all the time, with Google “rules”, in relation to its code, semantics and content.
  • The creation and management of content, because if the optimizaion of a webpage is its motor, content is its fuel.Without content, there no positioning, no conversion… and also no sells 😉
  • Sites interconnection, with other related sites. From social networks, blogs, directories and forums so that your website is not “alone on the net”. This feature will make that your positioning improves day by day.

When we talk about SEO, we refer to a set of actions that we can make to optimize the positioning of a web page in the search engines, mainly Google. The advantages of disposing a well positioned webpage, for the right keywords, are quite clear.

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