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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

What others talk of your brand, of your products or services and that, in addition, these “others” have the ability to persuade their interlocutors, know how to speak to them, have their trust and respect beforehand: that they have influence over them. That are “influencers”. Sounds good right? You have seen how other brands have done it, but how?


Influencer Marketing

We take care of everything you need: ewe study your project, sector, user profile, and having defined specific objectives, we seek influencer profiles (either within our portfolio of recurring collaborators or on the network, in search of new ones), that adapt to your needs.

After that we take care of develop a strategy specifically for this type of campaign, coordinating the influencers involved, the possible marketing campaigns that your company has in development, your team and your user community.

We will define specific actions to carry out in collaboration with the influencers in question, and we coordinate with the Social Media team that manages your project (if it is not ourselves), so that everything is fitted and consistent.

We take care of draft the contracts that the influencers will sign with you, thinking of a specific and controlled collaboration framework, avoiding possible misunderstandings or situations that do not benefit you.

We will think about how to link the possible sales that these profiles can promote, linking, if necessary, to extra incentives (either monetary or product-based).

That is, we take care of All what you may need in relation to your strategy with ambassadors.

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