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We develop web projects so that they become the visible face, on the Internet, of companies and corporations. We take care of working throughout the design process so that the site breathes the same as the brand, to respect the corporate manual, to maximize the chances of it being a web page capable of generating business while, if possible, becoming a work tool for the departments that need it, streamlining and facilitating processes.

In the same way as in the case of development eCommerce, Functional analysis Previously it will be essential, since it will provide us all with the necessary information for a correct definition and its subsequent execution.

The phases through which the project will pass will be: 

  • Functional and content analysis
  • Design and UX.
  • CMS and layout
  • Commissioning and testing.
  • Training. 

To understand how our service works, we are going to explain schematically all the phases that the project will go through, with a small detail of what will happen in each of the phases. 

Functional and content analysis

  • KICK OFF: general definition of the project and presentation of the general team.
  • Study of the contents and sections.
  • Content delivery.

Design and UX

As expected, the site will be focused according to the characteristics of the client's activity; The specific details regarding the functional needs of the site will be defined during the definition meetings, dealing with each topic, according to its nature, in the pertinent meeting. Each of these issues will be key to being able to define an adequate design and, above all, an optimal UX so that the result (your corporate website) can meet its objectives, whatever they may be. 

  • Style definition: we present an initial Mood Board, where we will collect ideas from references.
  • Analytic meeting: During this meeting we are going to focus on talking about who our user/customer is today and what we want them to be tomorrow, among other things. 
  • Concept and style proposal: We present the first wireframes still in the development phase, to share concrete ideas.
  • Presentation design: After having finished and having the approval and OK of all the Wireframes, the design layer will be applied to them.

CMS and layout

For this type of projects from We’re Sinapsis We offer a hybrid solution, based partly on the well-known WordPress CMS engine and partly on custom development: we have reached this result with the aim of maintaining all the benefits of WordPress (which are many), but at the same time to avoid its weaknesses, especially those of security. 

Thus, we develop custom Templates, in many cases using PWA technology (although not exclusively, as appropriate in each case), which attack the WordPress core and make use of a native feature in this system, the "Custom fields". ”, which allow us to generate as many fields as we want, and with the properties that suit us. 

Likewise, we fully adapt the management Backoffice, using our own version and at the same time personalized for each case, so that the users who operate in it can do so easily, quickly, intuitively and without being afraid "of breaking anything". 

This is our preferred option but other scenarios can obviously be explored. 

Testing and commissioning. 

Before putting the project into production, a specific test phase will be carried out, correcting errors and, after the client's OK, the site will be launched and the warranty period (generally 6 months) will begin.

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