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Agile Development

Through this service we provide the project with a ongoing maintenance, also including all the evolutionary ones necessary for the business, understanding new possible developments as part of these evolutionary ones. This is done through a flat rate, agreed to measure for each client/project, which allows our clients to be able to make an armored annual cost forecast, and therefore be able to make estimates that are much more limited to reality.

We work through our system, an adaptation of the agile methodology, to define a service level, which can be either N1, N2 or N3, the latter being the most complete. On the other hand, we catalog the complexity of the development tasks also in those 3 levels. Thus, an "Agile N3 development and evolutionary" service will be able to carry out tasks classified as N1, N2 or N3, and will also be able to parallelize tasks until reaching 3 points (that is, develop 3 N1, one N1 and one at the same time). N2 or an N3).

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