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Web Analytics: Monitoring and strategy

En We’re Sinapsis, we offer web analytics services that go beyond simple metrics and numbers. We understand that web analytics is a fundamental part of any digital strategy, and we integrate it effectively into broader SEO and web development projects. Although we generally offer this service as part of a more comprehensive approach, we also offer it independently when necessary.


Comprehensive monitoring

Our web analytics focuses on comprehensive monitoring of your online presence. This includes constant monitoring of selected keywords, organic traffic, site visibility index for specific keywords, and overall website performance. We are attentive to any changes in the digital landscape and its impact on your online presence.


Adaptation to Google updates

Google makes regular updates to its algorithm, which can significantly affect the ranking of your website. Our web analytics experts are always aware of these updates and strategically adjust your SEO tactics to adapt to them.


Accessible information

Our approach includes creating analytical dashboards that present data in a clear and accessible way. These dashboards provide real-time information about the performance of your website and its visibility in search engines.


Monthly analysis and strategy

Every month, our team of specialists performs a complete analysis of the collected data. This analysis is presented in a meeting where we explain in detail "where we are and where we are going." Additionally, we provide a series of specific strategic recommendations to improve results.


Interpretation and strategic solutions

The most important thing about our web analytics service is not just the tools, the panels or the data itself. What really stands out is our ability to interpret data and offer strategic solutions tailored to your business. It's not just about collecting information, but using it to drive the growth of your online presence.


En We’re Sinapsis, we are committed to helping you understand how your website is performing and developing effective strategies to improve its online performance. Whether as part of a comprehensive project or as a stand-alone service, our web analytics are designed to provide you with valuable insights and strategic guidance. Contact us today and find out how we can take your online presence to the next level.


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