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SEO analytics

Generally this is a service that we offer within a larger project framework. SEO. That is, we do not usually offer it separately. However, in some cases it can be interesting. For example, in projects where a new website has been developed, which we may have developed or audited at the SEO level, having a web analytics to monitor organic traffic and the evolution of the site's positioning can be very useful.

In this sense, what we do is take care of monitoring the selected keywords, organic traffic, the visibility index of the site (for certain keywords), the performance at the speed level of the site, and contrast everything with the updates that Google is performing in its algorithm.

This is reflected in a series of analytical panels where data is displayed, and a monthly analysis that is exposed in a presentation that one of our specialists will make to your team to explain "where we are and where we are going", in addition to giving, if can, a series of keys to improve the results.

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