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head and neck accessories

BUFF, is a Catalan company, founded in 1992 in Igualada. Its main product is a piece of tubular clothing (also known as panties) capable of protecting against cold, wind and heat. It all started when Joan Rojas, a textile entrepreneur and motorcyclist, decided to create a garment to replace the uncomfortable and ugly military panties worn by motorcyclists. To do this, he designed the first seamless microfiber tubular, a more comfortable and versatile garment. From the beginning, the company's adventurous spirit has led them to continue innovating and seeking new challenges. Now, 25 years later, they have more than 200 workers and export to more than 60 countries.

For us, BUFF is a reference project for many reasons. For BUFF we have taken care of all their online business development, starting with a first website and online community with the aim of creating a community, going through a web redesign that won the Best Design and Usability Award and the Third Best Website Award. of the Year at the eShow 2016 in Barcelona.

They have trusted us to continue growing:

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