Oct8ne is the only chat with visual customer support. The only one that allows you to show your customers the products in real time to personalize the shopping experience and increase the sales of your business.

Oct8ne Advantages

The main difference between this chat and the others is what Oct8ne calls the “covisor”. It is a window that opens to the right of the conversation window and allows content to be shared between the agent and the user.

As for the advantages, we will start with some statistical data provided by Oct8ne:

  • Currently, 80% of users who visit an online store do not complete the purchase process. With Oct8ne it is reduced up to 33%.

  • With Oct8ne 70% of customers visit the website again within a month, increasing the percentage of loyalty.

  • 15% of users buy on their first visit when using Oct8ne.

  • And, in general, the volume of sales can increase between 8 and 18 times, depending on the ecommerce sector.

From a practical point of view, these are the main advantages of Oct8ne over other chats:

  • The agent has quick and visual access to the history of products seen by the customer, to their wish list (if that option exists) and to their shopping cart.

  • The agent has access to the entire catalog of the store. Perfect for cross-selling.

  • Both the agent and the user can upload images to the chat covisor. The user can show the products that she is seeing on the web or can upload images that are on her device to indicate what she is looking for. The agent can upload images from the catalog but can also upload images from their device if required.

  • Both the agent and the user can interact on the images by making indications with a pointer or by marking specific areas that will be reflected on the shared screen of the covisor. So the user can share her doubts and the agent can give better explanations.

  • From the same reviewer, the user or the agent can add the product seen in the reviewer to the shopping cart.

  • In addition, the agent will be able to share videos with the user (very practical if the user is looking for instructions for use, for example) and all kinds of text documents (word, pdf, forms, etc.).

  • If the user leaves the conversation without having closed the sale (because he has to consult with the family, for example) an email can be sent with the conversation that would include the images and links of the products shown, as well as a link to restart the conversation. As soon as the user activates this option, the agent receives a warning.

  • The chat also includes the automatic translation option powered by the Google Traslator engine and includes all your languages. It is very practical for the occasional conversations that may arise with foreign users.

  • As for analytics, the chat is integrated in real time with Google Analytics, so it offers us true data on the relationship between the management of agents and the sales made.